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Dialup Internet Connectivity Service

A dialup account with MoonStar gives you the ability to use your modem and networking software to connect directly to the internet. Once you're connected, you can use your internet-related software such as world wide web browsers and email programs to explore and use MoonStar and the internet.

What it includes:

  • Dialup internet connectivity at speeds up to 56kbps (v.90 and x2) or isdn at a farmville exchange (804-392) phone number.
  • 150 hours per month of connect time. extra hours are billed at only $0.10 per hour, sold in blocks of 100 hours ($10.00).
  • One free home account. see the description below of our home accounts for a detailed explanation of this item.
  • Up to three free additional mailboxes. see the description of our home accounts for a detailed explanation of this item.

What you need:

To establish the connection, you'll need networking software. If you're running windows95/98 or os/2, the necessary networking software is built into your operating system. If you're still running windows 3.X, you'll either want to purchase a commercial internet software package or get a piece of shareware called trumpet winsock. If you're running an older macintosh, you'll need mactcp (included with system 7.5+), and freeppp. Newer macintosh computers include all the necessary software. Both trumpet winsock and freeppp are available for download on our bbs.

After you're connected, you'll want other programs to access the various features and services of MoonStar and the internet. Applications that you'll probably want include a www (world wide web) browser, an email program, an ftp client, and a telnet client. If you're not familiar with these terms, don't despair... Most of the all-in-one internet packages available on the market contain several, if not all, of these applications, and we will also maintain a selection of freeware and shareware on our bbs for your use.

What it costs:

We at MoonStar believe that it is impossible to truly enjoy the "internet experience" if one is constantly worried about per-minute or per-hour connect charges. For that reason, our connectivity accounts have a flat-rate pricing structure...You pay by the month instead of by the hour. Of course, there are upper limits on the number of hours you spend online per month to prevent abuse of the service, but those limits have been set so that the average user shouldn't have to worry about how much time they are using.

Our standard dialup ppp accounts cost $25/month and have a limit of 150 hours per month to address the needs of the average casual user. if you would like to prepay for the year you will receive an extra month for free! if you go over the limit the charge is only $0.10 Per hour! These extra hours are sold in blocks of 100 hours so if you go over 150 hours the charge is $10.00 But you have an extra 100 hours to use before the end of the month.

Payment is due on the 1st of each month and provides you with access for the entire month. For accounts started mid-month, we simply credit you with the days from the 1st until your account was first accessed on your next bill (or refunded if you decide to discontinue service). On or near the 1st of each month, we generate and send you, via email, your account statement which details your current charges and credits.

Home Accounts

A home account defines an individual's presence on the internet. A connection to the internet is only half of the game; it allows one to explore the network, send email, download files, and generally browse around to see what other people have put on the net. To actually interact with others and put your own things on the net, you'll need what we call a home account.

What it includes:

  • Email mailbox: your own internet mailbox for sending and receiving electronic mail so you may converse with other internet users worldwide.
  • Web pages: you'll get space on our www server to publish your own web pages, and we give you an example home page to get you started!
  • Public file space: your home directory is accessible via ftp, so you can share files and documents with anyone on the planet who has an ftp client and an internet connection.

What you'll need:

as mentioned in the description of the Connectivity accounts, you'll need various pieces of software in order to access these services. Fortunately, this software is either included with your operating system, or as a part of the commercial internet access software that is currently on the market. There's also plenty of software available on both our bbs and the internet itself to perform these functions. The minimal software you'll need includes an email program to access your electronic mail, and an ftp client to maintain your home directory & web pages. The recommended netscape navigator contains a version of the leading email program, and the recommended ftp client is shareware (and available on our bbs) in the case of windows and macintosh users.

What it costs:

One home account is provided at no extra charge with any dialup internet connectivity account. In cases where other members of your household desire their own email mailbox, up to three extra mailboxes are available at no additional cost. If you require any more than this additional mailboxes are available at $1.50 Each per month and are billed along with your connectivity account.

As with the connectivity accounts, there are limits on home accounts designed to prevent abuse of the service. Home directories (where your web pages and public files are stored) are limited to 10mb (average daily size, including email size). If you exceed the directory size limit, there is a small surcharge of $0.10 Per megabyte in excess of the limit. There will also be an upper limit on the amount of network traffic generated by your web pages and ftp access, but the exact limit has not been decided yet. As with all of our limits, it will be high enough so that the average user won't have to worry about it.

At the moment, home accounts are available only to our dialup connectivity customers. However, to accommodate the needs of people and organizations who already have internet access, we will soon be announcing the availability of our home accounts to anyone with expected pricing in the $15/month range.

We hope this has answered your questions about our internet connectivity accounts. Should you have further questions, you can email us at info@MoonStar.Com. We can also be reached by phone at (804) 392 1770.